High School Math/physics Teacher


Wellington, SA

Posted 8/23/2019

Department: English Track Provide instructional guidance to students in math courses in grades 9-12 while actively contributing to our students and school through associated roles expected of a holistic professional educator in a dynamic system dedicated to honor, excellence, community and joy. Job Duties: - Teach 20 classes per week; 40 minutes per class - Teach a minimum of 3 block classes per cycle, serve as a substitute when needed - Work on curriculum development, which includes preparing effective diverse lesson units based on the middle school’s curriculum formats - Scaffold background information and make connections so that ELL learners can better understand a variety of texts - Design authentic assessments and measure their effectiveness in meeting curricular goals - Promote our school values of Character, Confidence, Health and Joy - Maintain and update timely student records including grading (homework, evaluation books, progress reports, report cards, student attendance, and other required documents) Requirements - Bachelor’s degree in a related field required - At least 2 years teaching experience - State or national level teaching license/certificate - Works well with others, solves conflict, good self-control, adapts to new situations, culturally sensitive and aware Benefits

  • Start Salary: 13,000 - 25,000 RMB/month based on qualification and experience
  • Subsidized housing provided
  • Flight reimbursed, 1 round-trip ticket (One-time only and must be approved by HR in advance)
  • Home Visit Travel Allowance : Additional 12,000 RMB/year to subsidize for travel (Paid 1,000 RMB monthly)
  • Relocation Allowance (One-time only per employee/family if both employed)
  • Moving from overseas:
A one-off relocation allowance will be payable in Chinese local currency RMB, following the guideline of 6,000RMB per single teacher and 12,000RMB per family
  • Moving from mainland China:
3,000RMB per single teacher and 6,000RMB per family
  • Pay review : Annual salary adjustment subject to overall school profit and individual evaluation performance
  • Paid Vacations in winter, summer and other paid holidays based on national statutory holiday’s arrangement
  • Professional Development (PD allowance) : School PD is available to qualified teachers (Must be approved by direct supervisors and the School Committee)
  • Full worldwide health insurance
  • Children’s SMIC School Tuition: Subsidized tuition pending program annual review

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