Trainee Positions - Livestock & Farm Supplies


Adelaide, SA

Posted 8/24/2019

Elders has played a key role in rural Australia for 180 years. As a leading agribusiness, we are committed to providing our clients with a solution that meets their needs across every aspect of their farming business. We are committed to delivering value to the local communities in which we operate and the future of Australia’s agricultural industry. These positions provide practical, realistic training and focuses on developing skills and knowledge through valuable hands-on experience concentrating on the livestock, wool and farm supplies industry. This is great launching point for a progressive career with Elders. You will be provided with an in-depth understanding of:

  • the Elders way of working with clients and how we work to deliver value to their business
  • the legislation we must comply with
  • the systems we use to carry out our business effectively and efficiently
  • how to prepare and select stock and wool for sale
  • how to deliver marketing options and industry information to farmers and graziers
  • how to create a network of contacts to build a long and rewarding career within Elders
  • livestock production
The Person Those that have a passion for Agriculture and:
  • effective communication and interpersonal skills
  • self-motivation
  • great work ethic
  • a desire to build a long-term career with Elders
When you join our team, you can be certain you are working for a truly progressive agribusiness offering diverse opportunities backed by 180 years of experience. Apply now for this unique opportunity or for more information call Scott Altschwager, Area Manager on 0408 806 194. Applications close 8 September 2019 At Elders, we want our people to reflect the communities we operate in, and encourage applications from a diverse range of people, backgrounds and experiences. We encourage a positive work-life balance through a range of flexible work options. Allows you to pre-fill the application using your SEEK profile information and resumé Personal Details * Required field * First name*
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Employment with us is subject to satisfactory results of any criminal record and ASIC checks. People with criminal records are not automatically excluded from applying for this position, and each application will be considered on its merits. Do you have disclosable court outcomes which may appear on your national police check? * * Yes
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